Supporting queer business leaders and entrepreneurs of color since 2020.

We deserve to take up space. Let us help you with an approachable digital marketing strategy.

Let us help you with an approachable digital marketing strategy.

I lead my agency, Marketing by Rocio, for LGBT+ and BIPOC-led brands and professionals. Learn more about our origin story, our team members, and why we’re the right fit for your impact-driven business.

Feeling disillusioned with systems of oppression?​

Wonder if you’ll ever have the resources to stand out in a society that casts us aside? You have an amazing product or service, and you want to reach the right people, but don’t have the marketing knowledge to execute a strategy? I’m your person, and my agency is for you.

Our story

The LGBTQ+ community has survived for so long, because we are exactly that: a community, and a community sustains itself. It shares resources. It lifts others and so the others who we’ve lifted up can raise others as well. That is the vision behind Marketing by Rocio.I chose to be a digital marketer who helps LGBT+ entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color because I couldn’t imagine my life in the corporate environment, when I wanted to help my communities more than anything.

With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in fashion studies from Parsons Paris, I’m constantly expanding my network of awesome LGBT+ creatives, entrepreneurs, and humans. This is how I intend to contribute to my communities that have sacrificed so much, just so that you and I could be here.

I’ve worked with amazing companies that have seen me for who I am and valued me for what I am worth. That transformation can happen to you too. A simple brand message, with true substance behind it, can go a long way.

I could never have imagined facing my disillusionment with the world by diving head first into a growing robust community such as the one of queer professionals, leaders, business owners, and so much more. I’m making the best of this moment, by sharing my skills and vision, and recruiting team members who share the same values.

And you? Do you feel disillusioned with the world we live in and want to help others with your awesome product or service? Let me help you with a queer-ass brand strategy; let me tell you where you need to be, and guide your team on how to execute in a sustainable way. What do you say?

Our collaborators

Did you know ...?

From working in marketing and growing up in New York City to exploring the fashion industry in Paris, from growing up part-time in the Dominican Republic to building my business in the Netherlands, I’m determined to keep traveling and learning languages (5 so far!) All on my own terms. Person 1
I have experience from SEO to email marketing. Not wanting to pigeonhole myself, I chose high-level strategizing to be the most fun way for me to engage with the ever growing world of digital marketing! Person 2
I used to be a classical musician! I trained in Western-style classical flute before… Person 1
I stumbled the path of digital marketing after a bout of depression at 17 years old. I was so lost, I found the TV show Mad Men, which chronicled the fictional lives of the men and women who worked in advertising on Madison Avenue in NYC in the 1960s. Of course, marketing is nothing like that anymore. But I was sold! I applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology for its Advertising and Marketing Communications degree and over ten years later, here I am. Person 2

Our related projects

BGLBC Business Chamber

As a LGBT Business Enterprise, certified by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, I know firsthand how being a part of this kind of chamber of commerce can be helpful, to the point that I co-founded the Gay and Lesbian Business Chamber for the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) region. Are you an LGBTQ+ business owner based in the BeNeLux region?

Transition of Style Podcast

After writing a master’s thesis on queer fashion, it was difficult to find any professional space for me to be a marketer for an under-resourced space like queer fashion business. So, I reached out to my network of queer fashion business leaders and launched a podcast about their unique contributions to the fashion industry. Listen now!

Queer Entrepreneurs Club Amsterdam

As an Amsterdam-based business owner, sharing resources with the local community of queer entrepreneurs was one of my first priorities when I moved to the Netherlands. Now we’re running 60+ members strong, with regular workshops and IRL meetings. Are you an Amsterdam-based freelancer or business owners?

Ready to work with Rocio and the team?

Meet the Marketing by Rocio team and our partners

Rocio Sanchez

CEO and Digital Marketing Manager
Amsterdam, NL

Margaux Ladu

Copywriter, Administrative Assistant, and Video Editor
Paris, FR

Andra Mãrãciuc

SEO Strategist
Amsterdam, NL

The Queer Fashion
Business Podcast

I kicked off my 10+ years of marketing experience in the fashion industry. I even wrote a whole master’s thesis on queer fashion. Now I produce and host a podcast about it!