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The next generation of business starts with you. LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs & entrepreneurs of color — share your brand’s story confidently with help from Marketing by Rocio, the queer digital marketing agency.

Now is the time to take up space. Not sure how?

When we — as LGBTQ+ people and people of color — have historically been excluded from resources for building our businesses, it makes sense that queer business owners feel ill-equipped to handle the current digital landscape.

You may feel overwhelmed by all the options for digital platforms to use as a queer fashion brand, struggle to gain confidence as a queer freelancer, or grapple with reaching the right audience as a tech company.

The truth is this: there is more than enough space for you to tackle these challenges confidently, with the right guidance. Marketing by Rocio comes in with expert marketing and branding expertise, leading you and your team to better understand the digital landscape.

We provide essential resources and roadmaps to help you gain confidence in a world that can often leave people in our community disillusioned — because, at Marketing by Rocio, we actually have the lived experience to understand you.

And of course, we get the job done.

About Rocio, queer brand strategist

Like you, I grew up not really seeing myself in the business world. For the longest time I was afraid of being myself in the work environment, too scared that being too forward and open would render me “unprofessional.”

Eventually, not only did I find queer business leaders to aspire to, but I began working with them. Values aligned, and so did the stars. I learned that I could live a meaningful life, dedicating my work to helping others achieve of a life of dignity, too. I believe this is what every human is entitled to.

Marketing by Rocio came soon afterwards, from solo-preneur to full-blown agency.

Here, we play no games, and foster no toxicity — only abundance and community — yes, even in business. With my multicultural and multilingual background, and my lived experience as a non-binary bisexual person, I use marketing to empower people like me to thrive in business.

Our Services
for queer & POC-led businesses

Service 1

Next Generation Branding Intensive

Breaking the mold of business means you want a marketing strategy to match. At Marketing by Rocio, we’re anything but binary, and we know your brand message is just as multifaceted.

With the Next Generation Branding Intensive, we sit with you to create an on-point brand voice guide and marketing strategy that not only speaks to your values, but your audience’s, too.

Service 2

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t worry about the AI overhaul of search engine marketing (trust us, we have many thoughts on that.)
So long as there are search engines, there will always be search engine optimization.

With the changing landscape of search, the potential of your organic content remains sky-high. Our SEO game plan prepares you to reach it.

Service 3

Speaking & Workshops

LGBT voices and voices of color need to be heard, and I’m speaking loud and clear.

Talks and workshops on the future of DEI, tech and digital marketing, and how to empower queer professionals, are all at the ready.

I’m available for speaking and workshops at your next event.

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What our clients
are saying


“I hired Rocio to help with search engine optimization for my website. Not only was Rocio knowledgeable, thorough, and the utmost professional, but her results speak for themselves: within weeks, my website was the top-ranking search result on Google for crucial keywords related to my subject matter! I highly recommend Rocio and look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Travers Johnson | Queerency | TX, USA

Studio Obacht

“Rocio’s coaching exceeded my expectations. Rocio didn’t only explain the basics and technicalities of personal branding to me but also took their time to encourage me to show my true colors. Their know-how about building a brand story helped me elevate the communication of the purpose of both my personal and business profile.”

Mars Klokow | Studio Obacht | AMS, NL

HER app

“I liked Rocio’s unique network in the queer business and fashion space, and their ability to communicate within the marketing team environment. It was a great experience, thanks Rocio!”

Jakub Chour | HER app | PRG, CZS


“Titanology approach on creating impactful marketing strategies! We have been working together on Titanology and I must admit that with her help we are able to focus on the marketing that produces results.”

Stefaan de Vreese | Titanologyogy | GENT, BG

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The Queer Fashion
Business Podcast

I kicked off my 10+ years of marketing experience in the fashion industry. I even wrote a whole master’s thesis on queer fashion. Now I produce and host a podcast about it!