A Brand Message & Marketing Intensive has everything you need for your digital visibility plan.

30 days, a 12-month marketing plan, and a clear succinct message — all fashioned by the queer branding agency that actually understands you. Be a part of the next generation of queer business leaders & entrepreneurs of color, and join the program. Learn more below.

Do you own a values-driven, socially conscious business? Perhaps you’re part of the thriving BIPOC or LGBT community, looking to elevate your brand to the next level. You have the passion and the vision, but marketing your brand effectively still remains a challenge.
Are you grappling with these pain points?

  • Struggling to translate your unique brand identity into a resonating message?
  • Tired of generic marketing strategies that don’t align with your brand’s ethos?
  • Facing analysis paralysis, uncertain where and how to invest in your
    marketing efforts?
  • Frustrated with the slow pace of traditional branding and marketing consultations?
  • Yearning for a space that acknowledges and embraces your diversity, treating it as a strength rather than a challenge?


If you nodded along, you’re in the right place.



“I hired Rocio to help with search engine optimization for my website. Not only was Rocio knowledgeable, thorough, and the utmost professional, but her results speak for themselves: within weeks, my website was the top-ranking search result on Google for crucial keywords related to my subject matter! I highly recommend Rocio and look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Travers Johnson | Queerency | TX, USA

Studio Obacht

“Rocio’s coaching exceeded my expectations. Rocio didn’t only explain the basics and technicalities of personal branding to me but also took their time to encourage me to show my true colors. Their know-how about building a brand story helped me elevate the communication of the purpose of both my personal and business profile.”

Mars Klokow | Studio Obacht | AMS, NL

HER app

“I liked Rocio’s unique network in the queer business and fashion space, and their ability to communicate within the marketing team environment. It was a great experience, thanks Rocio!”

Jakub Chour | HER app | PRG, CZS


“Titanology approach on creating impactful marketing strategies! We have been working together on Titanology and I must admit that with her help we are able to focus on the marketing that produces results.”

Stefaan de Vreese | Titanologyogy | GENT, BG

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Transform your brand’s message and marketing with an intensive approach

Our Next Generation Branding and Marketing Intensive is an answer to these challenges. Designed for businesses like yours, this service offers an inclusive, focused, and rapid branding transformation within a 30-day timeline. We believe in delivering results quickly without compromising on the quality and relevance of our strategies.

What does this intensive include?

An immersive experience with one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to your brand’s unique identity and mission.

Two intensive coaching days, one focusing on brand messaging, and the other focusing on the marketing strategy and digital visibility.

A Brand Voice Guide that you can use for any part of your business operations.

Copywriting, onboarding new sub-contractors, sales and pitching, this guide helps you and your team stay consistent when it comes to representing your business.

A 12-month Marketing Plan that outlines the platforms your business will be using, and the content strategy that will resonate to your audience’s values instead of just appeasing to them.

Direct audio messaging and email support for 30 days from your first payment, offering guidance whenever you need it during business hours.

Post-intensive follow-up support to ensure the strategies discussed are implemented effectively.

Why choose Rocio and the queer digital marketing agency?​

We understand your challenges because we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We honor your story and want to help you share it with the world. Trust us with your brand and let us guide you through this intensive journey. We believe in relationship-building and want to be there for you, every step of the way.

Embrace the Next Generation of YOU!

Don’t let marketing be a hurdle in your path to success. Join our Next Generation Branding and Marketing Intensive and experience the power of focused, accelerated growth.

Investment begins at $2,000 USD


Investment for the Branding and Marketing Intensive begins at 2,000 USD. Are you able and willing to make this investment to increase your brand awareness and visibility? *

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